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Unable to set my Hub 3. To 2.4GHZ so I can run Teckin SP23 smart plugs.

Tuning in

I can’t run 2.4GHZ on my Hub 3. I have tried to set up the Teckin SP23s to no avail I have tried entering and I get through to a page that says Welcome Back! Sign in to view or modify your Hub 3.0 settings. Then it asks for a password. I have tried every password that I know and I am worried that I will get locked out. Is there a solution?



The Hub 3's operates on both 2.4Ghz and on 5Ghz without needing any adjustments.

The Hub 3's menu password is printed on a label on the bottom side of the Hub. It is the 8 DIGIT password ( it is not the Wi-Fi password )

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

On the Hub3 there are two passwords printed on its sticker.  One is for wifi and the other is to access the Hub settings - have you tried them both?  If you have and the settings one doesnt work - you must have changed it in the past - so do a "reset" to put the passwords back to those on the sticker

Thus - With the Hub switched "on", and co-ax still connected, push in the “reset pin” on the base with the end of a paperclip/thin nail/SIM tray “tool” or similar (bigger items like ball point pen ends may not press it in far enough) until you feel it at the “stop point” and hold it there firmly for a "timed" minimum of 60 seconds do NOT manually restart the Hub at any time. Leave it 10' or so to stabilise and then your passwords/passphrase for both the Hub settings and the Wifi networks will revert to the two printed on the Hub sticker on its base/side/card.

The SSID and passwords will revert to those on the sticker too. Make sure you use the wifi one for devices connecting to the wifi and the settings/admin one to access the Hub.

You will need to reconnect your devices if you had changed the password, or just change the password back to your preferred one.
See if that sorts it. If not try again and hold the pin for 90 seconds


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Hi John

Thank you for you for your help with my problem. You were spot on and the Teckin plugs are working perfectly 

kind regards Dennis

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the update on this Dennisr1,

I'm glad the services is working for you now, do pop back up again if you do require any further assistance.