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UPC router upgrade lost settings and Wifi performance


my WIFI signal has dropped significantly and i noticed that the router software was changed to UPC and all the configurations are gone included SSID for 2.4 and 5GHz signal. How can i get the configuration back, what are the optimum settings and is there a detailed manual for each functionality under WIFI and advanced settings.

Also, every time i try to make a change, they cannot be saved as it times out or get page errors.


advanced settings - Firewall

it says enabled for firewall, block fragmented IP packets, port scan detection and ip flood detection but all the check boxes are not selected. when i try to select firewall protection checkbox, the router UI crashes.

what is DMZ? do i need to set up IP and port filtering?

Wireless Security

the SSID do I select SSID broadcast or not? Security has been disabled, why?

Smart Wifi

do i enable or disable channel optimization?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: UPC router upgrade lost settings and Wifi performance

Per your posts on other threads, reboot the hub to get the VM branding back,

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