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Two routers

Hi, does anyone know if I can have (from the same line) two routers ? Reason being, my stepson lives in an extension on the house and struggling with WiFi extenders, could I have this done/fitted (and are engineers even working currently?)

Any advice welcome, as I don't want to clog up phone lines in the current climate


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Re: Two routers

Virgin would not facilitate this, you need a handyman to run an ethernet cable from your hub to the extension or you could try purchasing a mesh wifi system

I work for Virgin Media and my posts are my own opinions
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Re: Two routers


Unfortunately it is only 1 Hub per account. May I suggest using Powerline Adaptors or running a long ethernet lead out to his extension, the result from either would be almost like having his own router in the room.

WiFi Extenders are not the best, usually because people are using them in a location where WiFi is pretty bad, and an extender will not strengthen the signal, only replicate the signal it is picking up. So if it has a weak signal it will only send out a weak signal.

Powerlines are different as they do not work over WiFi and instead use your electrical circuit, so there is much less loss of signal. Virgin do Powerlines but depending on what package you are on could come at a monthly cost. You could try ones very similar to the one Virgin uses and pick them up from Argos/Currys etc for a one off payment.[6695749]:bottomSlider:P1:OHAT:alternative:6214467:9m...

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Re: Two routers

A mesh system would be better suited or running a wired AP to the extension

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