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Trouble connecting VOIP phone to Hub 3.0

I've been sent a Cisco VOIP phone by my employer for working from home, but struggling getting it to work.

My IT dept have been assisting and we've been looking at the hub settings online.  The phone is definitely connected to the network - we can ping the phone successfully, and when looking in the DCHP settings we can see that the phone is seen by the network in the Attached Devices list, and listed on screen as being connected the the router by ethernet.

However, there seems to be something blocking the signal allowing the phone to connect properly to the system.  Any help would be much appreciated.

I notice in the Hub Status overview that under Telephone, it's showing greyed out, and 'Telephony Disabled' is showing.  


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Trouble connecting VOIP phone to Hub 3.0

The hubs don’t allow SIP through them sometimes. You’ll need to put the hub into modem mode and use your own router that supports it.

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