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Totally unreliable worst Network at times like this

Virgin Media should be ashamed of them selfs. All-day today My broadband connection has been bouncing on - off - on -off. I have not had more than 20 minutes of continuous Broadband.

The service status page is not working. When you log in and go to service status you get a page that says sorry this is not working. There is no number to call as all call centres have been closed so no way of getting any help from Virgin!!!

We are all working from home now and its the time we need a reliable Network the most. My colleagues on Vodafone have no issues. The company is already struggling to stay afloat and Now with no Virgin Broadband it might be the last straw and it will close.

When this is all over I will sue Virgin for Neglegance fo having no support and no care to have a reliable Network. Disgusting !! I am moving to Vodafone. I will not pay any more monthly charges regardless of the 24 Month contract I just renewed. Virgin can sue me for the Money and I can show the world what a rubbish network they are. - Absolutely no support, no current service status no email to write to Nothing just an Unreliable bouncing Network because of some doggy update that no one wanted.and was not tested properly! Who needs to be sacked!!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Totally unreliable worst Network at times like this

There’s actually an outage at the moment...

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