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Third Party Router dropping off

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I have been setting up my VMhub4 into modem mode, and connects it to a my computer & POE switch to power my TP LINK POE deco . As I have a large house, wireless mesh & VMpods isn’t an option for me.

however, the connection from the my computer and deco is dropping from time to time. Each time the signal drops out for a minute or so and will be back itself.( the computer connects to VMhub directly not the switch, but the problem still exist)

i have been speaking to Virgin media, but they start saying that the they don’t support third party router, hence causing the signal drop off. However scrolling through a lot of post here, Various Third party router connected to Modem Mode in VMhub seems to be work just fine.

anyone knows what’s the issue here?

Thanks in Advanced 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

First thing to do is setup a Broadband Quality Monitor and post a link to your live graph. It monitors your connection 24/7 and provides diagnosis of any underlying issues

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You cannot connect more than one wired device to the HUB when in modem mode as it only provides an internet connection to one device.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you are in modem mode you need a 3rd party router attached as the first and only device connected to the Hub.  All other connections, including the PoE switch, must come from this Router.  You do not need a WiFi router btw, you can supply the WiFi via your TP-Link AP’s

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Th24668 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community Forums. Apologies you have been having issues with the internet signal going around the home. Whilst we do not support third party devices there are some things to look out for:

Ensure that the device is dual banded and compatible with our Hub, we strongly advise that whilst you keep our Hub in router mode you can use our pods in addition third party devices as an extension of the VM Hub name and this will work more efficiently. Putting our Hub into modem mode will cause more conflict as with technology ever changing so does the firmware that supports it and the ability to be compatible changes, as we may update our firmware and it not work in conjunction with the current firmware on your third party devices, thus waiting for the company to update their firmware with the changes made. 

Due to this is can alter the performance, signal strength and even the speed through modem mode. If you are facing issues still and wish to have further investigation into this and work arounds, we can have a private message conversation. I shall drop you a message should you wish to use it.

I hope this helps. 


Alessandro Volta

I think everyone has missed that this person has a deco like this?

VM can't support their own router mode let alone a Third party even a PC they can't support so its like what is VM? I ISP that support internet to the hub and nothing more as in we don't support anything you connect to the hub!

Anyway Mesh systems unless I go out my way to get one have a problem which is no WAN port its a WAN/LAN which is a problem. In order to connect this Mesh put hub in modem mode power off for 2min then on with the deco powered and nothing connected to it! Only to the hub wait 5mins unplug replug the Ethernet cable to trigger DHCP then it should be ready to use.

Due to the design of Mesh systems you may have to put a ACL switch to only allow the MAC of the Mesh to stop other MAC going out to VM gateway or even a switch with DAI should it be forwarding broadcasts out the WAN/LAN of clients.


@Sabrina_B wrote:

I hope this helps. 

It didn't😑