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Text chat

Last night, at 21:19, I was  asked to reply CHAT to a text message when I was ready to start texting.

At 10:05 this morning I was ready. An obviously automated reply told me to hold fire, we're getting you connected,

At 15:01 I got a text asking if I was there because they hadn't from me.

About 16:00, Sanjoy asked me what I wanted. Since I had to cancel an Engineer's visit, scheduled for this pm, after getting a Track & Trace call to go into Isolation, I assumed it was to rearrange the visit. It takes a bit of time for an old codger to get this into a text - too much time for Sanjoy because, at 16:17, I got a "We haven't heard from you in a while" message followed by do I still require support?

What the devil is going on here?

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