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Terribly slow speeds constantly on 200mb

Hi I live on the Wirral and have just about had it with Virgin wifi, constantly poor speed of 20-30 mbps on a good day, nowhere near the 200 mbps I pay for if we got anywhere near 50 or 100 I would be happy, does anyone else in this area have this problem.

I have a 2ac super hub router I use as a modem because using it as a router its even worse, so I have the lastest Netgear ac1900 router with two of the ac1900 extenders, which weren't cheap !!


any help would be appreciated before I move over to BT.




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Re: Terribly slow speeds constantly on 200mb

hiya @Kg1962 welcome to the virginmedia community forum, the best you'll get from virginmedia is about tweaking the wireless channels, since not much can be done to improve the wifi.. the hub 3 does work a bit better with wifi but has its own problems at the moment..
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Re: Terribly slow speeds constantly on 200mb


You will never get 200mbps through wireless anyway, wireless is always slower than a wired connection directly into your superhub. If you plug a laptop or device into the router using an ethernet cable you will probably get 200mbps on a speed test.

My Superhub 2ac normally gives me 220mbps over LAN, but through wireless i never get more than 50mbps.

Using 5Ghz is normally faster than 2.4Ghz, but 5Ghz is a shorter range than the 2.4Ghz, so for speed youre better off using 5Ghz.

You could buy a better wireless router yourself, put your superhub into modem mode and use a better router, this can improve speeds and coverage, but can also cost you a few quid!

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

ps (it doesnt matter what ISP you goto, be it Sky ,Talk Talk etc, you will never get the maximum speed from wireless, wired is always better and faster)

Superhub 2AC (Modem Mode) - Asus AC1200 - Netgear GS108 Switches - FTP and Plex Servers - NAS Drives
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Re: Terribly slow speeds constantly on 200mb

To get 200Mbps wirelessly you will need Wireless AC client devices, even then the speed will be governed by range and your wireless environment.

Wireless clients can be the real bottleneck as they can range from single stream devices capable of around 35 to 40 Mbps through multistream MIMO devices which should get around 150Mbps + on the 5Ghz band to wireless AC devices which are capable of 200Mbps + on a single stream.

A multistream MIMO AC device should extend the range a bit for the faster speeds. (The SH2AC can use 3 spatial streams on the 5 GHz band)