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Terrible broadband connection for the last week

Tuning in

My broadband has been terrible for the last week, ever since going off completely for 18 hours last Friday and again on Sunday. An engineer replaced the hub for a brand new one yesterday, but this made no difference. You can see from the screenshots all the packet loss which is happening:


I have another engineer coming next Weds but it seems obvious the hub is not the problem. It seems like I'm connected to a dodgy, overloaded server at Virgin HQ. Are there any Virgin staff who can at least check if the problem is at Virgin HQ?

I had exactly the same degraded performance about a month ago but it magically got better by itself. Now it's back.

The weird thing is, my mobile internet, also Virgin, is suffering a very similar problem, slow to load pages, can't find servers, losing 4G connection, though not quite as bad as the broadband. It could be the mobile signal, however the 4G was perfectly fine the last time I lost my broadband.

Many thanks if anyone can help at all.


Hi juarez1916,

I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing issues with your service. In regard to the complaint you've mentioned, how did our team advise that the problem couldn't be fixed and we were unable to identify the problem?

It would also be best to pop a message back directly to the Forum Team member who has been assisting you with these problems as they would be able to discuss this directly.


Reece - Forum Team

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