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Terrible broadband connection for the last week

Tuning in

My broadband has been terrible for the last week, ever since going off completely for 18 hours last Friday and again on Sunday. An engineer replaced the hub for a brand new one yesterday, but this made no difference. You can see from the screenshots all the packet loss which is happening:


I have another engineer coming next Weds but it seems obvious the hub is not the problem. It seems like I'm connected to a dodgy, overloaded server at Virgin HQ. Are there any Virgin staff who can at least check if the problem is at Virgin HQ?

I had exactly the same degraded performance about a month ago but it magically got better by itself. Now it's back.

The weird thing is, my mobile internet, also Virgin, is suffering a very similar problem, slow to load pages, can't find servers, losing 4G connection, though not quite as bad as the broadband. It could be the mobile signal, however the 4G was perfectly fine the last time I lost my broadband.

Many thanks if anyone can help at all.


Tuning in

The engineer came and didn't find anything, now I'm waiting for another engineer to look at a box outside the property.

But I've noticed that my connection gets really bad around 9pm, e.g. peak time, and gets much better around 3am, so that makes me think it's Virgin's servers which are overloaded. This would also explain why my mobile internet is having exactly the same problem. But of course before they will consider that it's a problem with their servers, Virgin have to check everything in my home first, and then the line outside my home, working backwards until they find the likely source of the problem inside their own server rooms where no doubt some software has been misconfigured or some wire plugged into the wrong socket.

Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 12-20-11 My Profile thinkbroadband.pngScreenshot 2022-10-16 at 08-06-56 My Profile thinkbroadband.pngScreenshot 2022-10-01 at 11-41-22 My Profile thinkbroadband.png

Why does the problem go away at 4 in the morning? And why does it affect my mobile internet too? Could it be a server problem?

I await the engineer visit, hopefully they'll find something.

Also it's weird that video and music streaming is almost unaffected. Like it was a DNS problem. It seems once a connection is established, the data comes through fine. Which also suggests it's not a hardware fault.

Thank you for keeping us posted juarez1916.

I have taken a look on our side and can see the engineer visit you're awaiting. 

Please do let us know how the visit goes. 


Well, 4 appointments later my issue has still not been fixed. After every appointment all that happened was I got a text saying I had to make another appointment. No other information about what the engineers had done or what the problem was. I have phoned customer services multiple times and they have sent emails and left voicemails on my behalf, trying to get someone who knows what is happening to call me, but it seems the messages are not getting through.

Can any Virgin staff here make me another appointment please? And if you can give me any info about why my fault has not been fixed after 2 months, and whether the engineers actually did anything on the last four appointments, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Many apologies for the issues faced juarez1916,

Just before that is done, can I ask regarding the previous appointments what work was done by our technicians?



Hi Kain,

That's the whole problem, I have no idea what work was done, because they did not tell me, and nobody at Customer Services was able to contact them. I don't even know if the technicians did anything.

I did have two Virgin engineers who visited my flat, but the four most recent appointments were with third-party contractors to do external work, and it seems there is no communication between Virgin and these contractors. It seems the contractors did not give any feedback after the appointments. Maybe somebody somewhere knows what is going on, but I have no idea. I was just told that I had to make another appointment every time.

All I want is to do whatever I need to do to get my problem fixed, if that means making another appointment, I guess that's what I have to do, unless you or anyone else at Virgin has a better suggestion. I would appreciate if a manager could get involved. I have already put in a complaint but who knows when that will get looked at. I have phoned Customer Services more than 20 times but it still seems nobody cares enough to get back to me with any information about what is going on. I don't mind the delay so much, what I mind is being left completely in the dark.


Don't worry, I have phoned and made another appointment, (but I will be very surprised if the problem actually gets fixed this time).

If you could get any information about why it's taking them so long to finish the work I'd appreciate that.

Hi juarez1916, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

It looks like there could be an issue with the cable and please do let us know how it goes with the engineer. 

KInd regards, Chris. 

How did it go with the engineer? Well, as usual, on the day of the appointment the fault was not fixed and I heard nothing until 8.14pm when I got a text saying ""Hi, it's Virgin Media. We need to talk to you about your technician appointment. Please reply CHAT then follow option 1 for Technician Visit when you're ready to start texting with us, alternatively we will be calling from 03454541111 within the next 24 hours". So this is the fifth appointment were the problem has not been fixed.

I am going to wait for them to call as I would rather talk to someone on the phone. I am skeptical that anyone will call me, but I will wait and see. If they do call, all they will probably do is ask me to make another appointment, and they won't have any details about what the holdup is or what the technicians did.

Unsurprisingly, they didn't call me.