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Terrible Service

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A Virgin technician installed our broadband on the 2/8/23 and told me that a booster was needed and I should call & ask for one to be sent out, which I did immediately. He said it would take 48 hrs to receive it. After this period I started calling Virgin everyday & basically have been told a different story every time. Anything from up to 72 hours to it can take up to 15 days. Today I was told it was never ordered. We work from home & in one office there is no internet at all. This is causing horrendous problems for us. I am desperate to know what to do because I get nowhere from phoning Virgin & all it does is raise my blood pressure. All I need is a booster, surely this can't be that difficult. Truly the worst company to deal with. 



Just buy a Wireless Repeater the upside is it is yours to keep, works with every ISP and does not have any of the limitations of a VM Pod !

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MG6,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that you've had such difficulties trying to get a WIFI pod ordered and sent out to you. This is not the service we're aiming to provide.

Remotely looking from our end, we can see that you have already spoken to the team and this has now been ordered for you. 

Please can you keep us posted and update us when you receive your pod.

Kind regards Jodi.