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Terrible Broadband

I have a number of issues with my Virgin Media broadband service.

1) I am paying for the 200Mb service but mostly get 20-70Mb.
2) Only reliable room for consistent service is same room as router. In other rooms connection regularly drops out and sometimes you can't connect at all. My neighbour (on Talk Talk) can connect to his broadband with no drop outs, all over his house including from the top end of his garden.
3) Like most, I have been working from home since March last year. I have had consistent problems with connection drop outs and slow speed. This has got worse after I recently changed jobs. We use video more and it has got to the point now where I use my phone on 4G as a hotspot rather than broadband because it is faster and more reliable!!! My neighbour has no issues working from home.
4) Using the Virgin Media technical support is frustrating beyond belief. Yes I know you need to run a few checks, oh and what a surprise, the checks seem be be taking a little longer and blow me over, I need to re-start my router! No, this doesn't make a difference!!!
5) Follow-up call usually involves a 30+ minute wait after which you speak to someone whose knowledge of broadband seems to be limited to resetting your router being the answer to all problems. No, this doesn't make a difference either!

Anyone reading this is probably wondering why the hell I am still with Virgin Media and to be honest, so am I. 

I guess for now at least, it's better the devil you know.

Come on Virgin Media, SORT THIS OUT!!!!!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Terrible Broadband

I keep this short...hubs in router mode are bad they are not good for Wifi.

Fix your problems by using the hub in modem mode with your own wireless router with 1Gb ports...I know what your going to say next...guess it could go one way or the other...

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Terrible Broadband

What are your wired speeds like?

If you think my answer has helped - please provide me with a Kudos rating and mark as Helpful Answer!!
I do not work for Virgin Media - all opinions expressed are of my own and all answers are provided from my own and past experiences.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Terrible Broadband

Afternoon @SeanGr61


Thanks for posting back on here and sorry to hear you're having some issues but we can look into getting this sorted for you. 


Just to clarify, what is your wired speed looking like? Have you tried different ethernet cables and different ports? 

Are these speeds on all devices or just some? 


What have our technical support suggested to you? 


Have you carried out a pin hole reset at all and if so has this improved anything? 


Please do let me know so we can get a clearer idea 🙂 


Sasha - Forum Team

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