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Target price for renewal on M500 broadband

Joining in

Contracts up soon and currently paying VM £51pm for 500Mb broadband with Anytime landline calls. We don’t use the landline so I would like to remove it and just continue with the M500 broadband what should be my target price even if it means playing the cancellation dance with them. I’ve had no issues with their service but can see deals like Vodaphone 500mb for £40 so can I target a Virgin deal lower than this? What’s everyone else paying for M500?


Alessandro Volta

Any answers you get ref pricing may not necessarily be that useful in so far as VM tries to carve out an individual price for each individual customer. The customer is aiming for the lowest price possible. VM is aiming for the highest price possible.

I can see a 500 Mbps broadband only price on the VM website for £44.50 p.m (18 months, new customers) rising to £67 p.m. in month 19.

That is not a very attractive price because VM always wants to sell you a bundle of services and will discount accordingly in the 18 month term. There are a lot of customers with broadband and phone who never use the phone but have it for the discount in the minimum term.

Have a read of the advice from Andrew-G on the business of renewing, below which you might find helpful

If you have a viable alternative to VM at 500 Mbps and £40 p.m. then you are in a strong position.

Don't forget to factor in VM's April price rises of RPI+3.9% when you do your comparisons over the life of the minimum term.