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Tablet vs Mobile Phone WiFi...

I'm hoping some of the experts can explain this to me, I'm on a 350mbps Bundle, on 5ghz WiFi my Mobile phone reaches download speeds of 390mbps  all over my Bungalow but my Huawei Tablet also on 5ghz WiFi only reaches 170mbps on average around my Bungalow but occasionally goes as high as 230mbps, it's been baffling me for a while, my sons Samsung Tablet also has similar results to the Huawei Tablet, I'd be grateful for an explanation in simple terms, thankyou from Toby. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Tablet vs Mobile Phone WiFi...

It’s what WiFi does.

It also depends on the link speed of the WiFi card in the tablet.

A lower link speed will yield slower speeds. 

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