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TV can’t connect to WiFi

I have an LG TV which was working fine and finding and connecting to my Hub4 WiFi. Now the TV finds the WiFi network name but can’t connect to it. The TV can however find and connect to the hotspot on my mobile phone. I have tried resetting the TV to factory settings, including disconnecting from the power. I have also tried the reset button on the back of the Hub4 including disconnecting from the power. While the TV was connected to my mobile hotspot I ensured the TV software was up to date. We have 11 other devices successfully connected to the Hub, including a different LG TV. The TV diagnostics advise the problem relates to the Hub.

I don’t know if the issue is with the Tv because all other devices connect to the Hub fine or if it’s a Hub issue as the TV connects fine using my mobile hotspot. Any help really appreciated, as I don’t know whether to follow this up with the TV manufacturer or Virgin.

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