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Switch to Modem Mode with Asus AX XT8 Mesh

Tuning in

Hello, I am trying to set up my new ASUS AX (XT8) Router with my Virgin HUB 5 so I can gain full coverage throughout my entire building. I've have done the following steps without any success:

Step 1: Switch Hub 5 to Modem Mode

Step 2: Turn off Hub 5 and turn back on

Step 3: Remove Ethernet cable connecting Hub and Virgin TV box

Step 4: Turn on ASUS AX Router and node and connect the system to their app

Step 5: Use the ASUS provided Ethernet cable and connect it to the WAN port in the router and the 2.5G LAN port in the Hub 5

I have done all these steps, restarted and reset both devices multiple times but I'm getting no internet coming through. The app says "No Network Connection Cable" and points to the WAN slot but its connected up to the 2.5G slot in the HUB 5. Why wouldn't it detect the Ethernet cable? On the app i'm also checking upload/download usage, it says 0 but then in the detailed stats I can see it coming through in low KB. Am I doing this wrong or is there anything else I need to do before I can get this to work?




Alessandro Volta

I fail to understand this problem some people have with modem mode, it should be that simple! Or are the newer hub that much of a pain? Or maybe it a simple as a bad cable or router or the hub 2.5Gb not linking up with ASUS WAN port or VM DHCP being the problem I guess we should get started with troubleshooting.

One sure way is to test the new ASUS is with the hub in router mode and connect devices to the new ASUS by double NAT and see if it works which as bad as it sounds what tests the tester because could the tester be wrong idea.


Community elder

Can you confirm there are no other wired devices connected to the HUB 5, just the Asus router?

Thank you for the speedy response! 

Agree completely regarding the simplicity and personally haven't experienced any issues with the new hub, thats why I was very confused earlier today haha. I'll get to troubleshooting it tomorrow following your advice, for now I've revered back to router mode. Got in a bit of trouble today cause of the downtime haha, might be forced to send it back and go for the simple extender. 

Only the Ethernet cable going out of the 2.5Gb which I replaced with the new cable ASUS provides, connected that to the Asus router. No other wired devices are connected to any of the slots.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Once the Hub is in modem mode, turn it off. Do not turn it back on until your Router is fully ready and in DHCP mode. Only then turn on the Hub. Only one cable can be used between your Router and the Hub. 

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