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Surbiton KT6 area Broadband issues since 11th January 2021


We have recently renewed the contract for the 108 Mbps.

We are having issues with the broadband in the Surbiton KT6 area (Lovelace Road), since the 11th January 2021.

For 3 days we were completely disconnected for long periods of time, mainly during working hours (9.30 am - 6 pm). All the rest of the time (four weeks now!) - we experience continuous losses of service and, when the service is available, the speed is extremely low. This makes working from home very difficult, as we are continuously cut out of conferences, calls, server connections etc . We cannot afford to do that any longer.

We have been reporting the issue regularly and always been told that the issue was being resolved within the day or was already resolved. When running the tests online the results are always - no issues found.

This - after almost 4 weeks - is now unacceptable. If Virgin cannot provide what we need and we are paying for, we must know and immediately switch provider.

Just for clarity - this is a Virgin issue and not due to our equipment as:

1) our flat is very small. We work at less than 1 meter distance from the router.

2) When connected with the Ethernet cable, the issues are exactly the same.

3) Our neighbor has had exactly the same issues.

4) At night and weekend we sometimes get a decent speed.


Can anyone let me know what is going on please?

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