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Superhub3 dropping ethernet connection

Engineer called out this week and replaced my hub with a Superhub 3.  Now the WIFI seems to work perfectly but my tower computer is wired to the hub via an ethernet connection and keeps dropping out every now and again.  This is driving me up the wall.  I have tried all 4 network slots on the hub and also tried a different ethnernet cable.  I phoned Virgin Media today and was told there would be charge for them to look at this.  Why????  The network connection worked fine on the older hub and it is only since they installed this new hub that I have had problems so how can it be my fault?  Surely it is something the engineer has done/failed to do or there is a fault on the box with the network connections.  Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated as I am turning greyer by the minute.  Thanks


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Re: Superhub3 dropping ethernet connection

Hi Denise

It might be worth checking your network card driver settings for any "green Ethernet" options that turn off Ethernet connections to save energy.  The older hubs didn't support these "green Ethernet" features, so it didn't cause any issues, but I believe the Hub 3 does support them.

It is only supposed to turn off a connection that is not in use but the network card or the hub might be misbehaving and if there is a setting on the computer to turn it off then that would be the easiest work around.


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