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Superhub2 + booster + ethernet

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I’ve experienced my connection dropping intermittently for quite some time which I found really frustrating last week.  I play competitive online bridge and had to keep logging back in whilst playing, apologising to other players for the interruptions.  This has happened a few times.  A friend had a similar problem a while back which was resolved by an upgraded router but I’ve tried every which way to contact Virgin to have my superhub2 upgraded without success.  Followed all the advice about placement, interference from other equipment etc, etc. but I suspect the problem is the fact that the Superhub2 is in a different room from the pc and the signal has to travel through a wall.  In order to get a good broadband experience I’ve had to buy a booster which only partly solved the problem so then bought an Ethernet cable to connect the pc to the booster which so far seems to be working but it doesn’t connect automatically on startup which these days one expects.

I’m no expert but I would assume that an upgraded superhub could improve things and would result in an automatic connection, and may well mean that this arrangement, hub+booster+ethernet and then having to connect to a network is not necessary.  Anyone know if an upgraded superhub would work, and if so how to get one, or am I stuck with my own solution?

Cheers, Jo





Alessandro Volta

Well as a start you do need that very old Hub to be replaced with a Hub 3 or 4.  I can't guarantee it will fix the problem but the Hub 2 is now obsolete. 

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On our wavelength

I’m sure you’re right about the Hub 2.  At some stage I’ll have to devote a day of my life trying to get through to Virgin to get an upgrade.  Experience so far has shown that they don’t want to talk person to person, everything is automated, and you just have to spend time …… 😣

Jo use bridge's dummy reversal technique whereby, as declarer here, you use your trump card of potential cancellation with VM to ruff from the hand with more (longer) trumps, and retain the trumps in the other (shorter) hand to draw VM's remaining trumps and secure a hub upgrade. Or something. 🃏

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Did think of that, or switching off the hub, using mobile to say it’s not working, but guess I’ll persevere trying to make my contract without deep finesses. If that doesn’t work cancellation is next step.

Hey mejaybee, thank you for reaching out and I can see my colleague did reply back to you, did you see that message at all? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Forum Team

Glad we have managed to get this resolved for you, please do keep us updated on how it goes. 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thank you for your help Matthew, all went well and the hub has now been replaced, along with ancient wiring in the house from Cable & Wireless days which had never been replaced.  Everything now running smoothly.