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Superhub resets to defaults on restart - loosing wifi passwords


Yesterday morning none of our devices was able to connect the Wifi. Looking for the root cause I have noticed that the guest network was missing as well so I suspected the hub. Indeed it seems that it had restarted and erase all configuration - resetting to default (passwords as appear on the stickers attached to the hub). I assumed a one off glitch and reconfigured.

Surprise .... it happened again tonight. I did notice (by the uptime) that the hub restarted overnight so I started to be suspicious. I reconfigured everything, made sure all devices are connected. This time I didn't wait overnight but restarted the hub manually: again! all reset to default. 

Should the hub be replaced?

Technical details:

Hub 3.0 DOCSIS 3.0 ; Hardware version 10


Model: VMDG505


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Re: Superhub resets to defaults on restart - loosing wifi passwords

Hi eyall,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


Sorry to read that the router is resetting itself back to default. I can imagine how frustrating this must be.


Has this happened since you last posted?

Is the router plugged into a socket on it's own or in an extension socket? If extension, do other devices have any issues?

Have you got any timer settings within the router at all? If so, does the router reset if you disable them?


Hope to hear from you soon


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