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Superhub 5 and port switch new problem

Tuning in

I have a new problem, when I connect my 16 port switch (netgear GS116) some wifi devices no longer will connect to the internet (Xbox being one and my original Alexa dot another, also a laptop). Other devices seem fine and still connect as normal. Disconnecting the port switch gets them working again. Any ideas what is causing this issue?


Community elder

Have you tried different ports on the switch and HUB?

Alessandro Volta

Now you just need to get a router and put hub in modem mode.




then I would lose my WIFIa altogether

Fibre optic

Personally, ignore all the rubbish, knee-jerk posts about getting your own router with...etc. and start looking at IP address clashes.

Alessandro Volta

How does a problem like that this happen then? Because it shouldn't but I believe what Frantic_Franc is saying or should I not believe them?



I think you are right, the strange thing is the IP addresses of devices wired to the port switch often revert back to the address of the old virgin modem

The 192.168.1.x address range is typical of a BT or Plusnet router.  

By chance do you have any Powerline extenders in your network ?   Or an old router that has DHCP Enabiled ?