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Re: Superhub 3 Wifi Issues - please help

You might want to look into a new router designed to manage more than a few devices. I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk router about 3 months ago, having run the Superhub 3 for several years. Both the Network router and the supporting software (including an iOS app) give the user choices about how to set up your home network to accommodate multiple devices. Before buying anything, I recommend you so some research including reading reviews on this site and a broader search of computing review publications such as techradar or pcworld.

To run a third-party router on the Virginmedia service you need to switch your Superhub to a modem-only mode. Search for modem mode in this forum; there are some very helpful emails about what settings to use and how to sequence your connection.

Good luck and please do revisit this forum to let us know how you are getting on.


Kind regards,

David Smith, Computer Science Teacher, England, Secondary, Putting legacy devices to good use, Linux Mint, Smart router with hybrid wifi and Homeplug AV2 distribution, Blueyonder pioneer (2001),
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Re: Superhub 3 Wifi Issues - please help

Thank you so much for this piece of advice. I will have to take a look into this, probably on my mobile data while waiting for a video to buffer ;).

I have trailed pausing the internet to various devices at the same time limiting the connection to 2 or 3 devices, and didn't have much improvement. It also caused mayhem with my wireless speakers when trying to re connect, but that's probably more the speakers.

I think it's more annoying that virgin don't offer information on their hardware limitations. I am guessing that the devices will have to change in the future to accommodate household increases.
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