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Superhub 3 WIFI issues

Hello everyone,,,

Super hub 3, currently on a package of 350MB. Around 3 months ago the speed dipped drastically, to the point where i was getting a download speed on average of 10-15MB on WIFI and around 30MB connect via LAN. A call to VM later and apparently the hub 3 " Did not update the firmware automatically and this has now been pushed to the HUB"30 minutes later and the speeds where back to normal. Fast forward to a week ago and the hub 3 strikes again! This time the WIFI is randomly dropping the WIFI connection. At first i thought it may have been the Playstation but now the connection is dropping on all my devices. Speed is fine but at random points during the day the WIFI cuts out completely and will stay off for a good 20 minutes before coming back on. I have tried a factory reset but the issue is still there and VM don't seem to want to acknowledge that there is an issue. I have read on another post that having the hub near the Tv can cause an issue

'I 'upgraded' from a SH2 to a SH3 and it was a joke. The Wifi performance of the 3 is laughably bad, if your hub is anywhere near you TV it will barely work"

Could this be a potential issue? If the hub is simply moved could this fix the issues im having?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Superhub 3 WIFI issues

Location can be important because of interference from other sources.
So why not just move the Hub around as far as you can on the cable and see what changes.

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