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SuperHub 4 Lost speed on ONE ethernet port

I have an ethernet cable running from the Hub 4 to a switch in the loft that then delivers ethernet to all upstairs bedrooms.  The speed on all of these devices dropped overnight to under 100Mb for no reason.  I swapped out the switch but that made no difference.  Downstairs, all other directly ethernet connected devices were still getting 850Mb

I disconnected the cable going to the switch and plugged that directly into my laptop - 87Mb - thereby suggesting the port or cable.  I swapped cables round on the Hub and full 850Mb was restored to ALL devices.

I still can't work out why the hub was limiting one port until cables were swapped round...

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: SuperHub 4 Lost speed on ONE ethernet port

Because it’s a known (or little known) bug that sometimes the port speeds drop to 100Mbps on the Hub4. 

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