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SuperHUB 4 & Gig1

Evening all, just wondering if anyone can help.


Ive been having WiFi issues for longer than I should have been having them for and I've recently upgraded to the new SuperHUB4 with the Gig1 package.


My WiFi issues seem to have fixed themselves so that's one positive but after doing a couple of WiFi speed tests, they give me a couple of things I've never had before and some interesting results.

First thing I noticed was that while running the wireless speed test using the SpeedTest.Net app, was Jitter was around 1ms and my ping was varying between 12 & 16ms. The ping has always been below 6ms and the Jitter has always been 0. I then ran a wired test on my Xbox Series X and it came back around 600Mbps but dowloaded the things I needed to at around 100Mbps. That issue is probably the console itself but if somebody could check my power levels and everything else that would be really helpful. 


I did have an engineer visit 48 hours before the SuperHUB 4 arrived to check the cabling both inside the house and in the green cabinet down the road. I then connected the HUB myself and tightened everything else.





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Alessandro Volta
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Re: SuperHUB 4 & Gig1

That’s normal for Xbox speedtest results. 

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