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SuperHUB 2ac disconnects daily in MODEM mode.

I had this problem for over an year, the hub disconnect for a few minutes and then reconnects.

In the begging  it was very seldom, lately is  every day around 12-1am. It drives me crazy since NowTV cuts out when I loose connection. I had multiple tickets open and even a engineer at my house. Virgin blames it on work being performed in my area, but for a whole year? I think they are clueless.

When I connect the hub in router mode its stays up longer and does not disconnects that often (maybe once every 3-4 days). I would leave it in router mode but I need to connect my own router (Huawei 635) due to a USB samba server option on my own router.

Anyone has any idea what could be?


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Re: SuperHUB 2ac disconnects daily in MODEM mode.

Sorry to hear about the trouble experienced danydimetalo,

I'd like to assist with this but I'm unable to locate any account information for you at the moment.

Could you pop me a private message if possible with the following information, so that I can take a look at things from this end for you?

  • Name of the account holder
  • Home address

Hope to hear back from you soon,


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