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Super hub 2 ethernet not working for a specific device


I have been using Super Hub 2 since it has been revealed and around a month ago, one of the devices (satellite tv) linked to Super Hub 2 via LAN cable (ethernet) suddenly does not work. I have tried to do all I can do such as switching the Ethernet socket, resetting the Hub, and so on. I have also checked the LAN cable itself and it works well when the cable was plugged in my laptop. I can see the orange light flashing on when the device is being connected. 

Interestingly, when this device connects the mobile hot spot, it works. Apart from this device, others work well. 

I have called the customer service and I have conversed over 20mins but they cannot send someone to fix this because they cannot find any problems with the internet status. 

Any comments would be great and I would be very grateful.

Thank you.


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Re: Super hub 2 ethernet not working for a specific device

Do the LEDs flash on the socket on the hub where the device is plugged in? If not sounds like a problem with the hub. Just report it to customer services as any device plugged into hub is not working.

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