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Super hub 2 dropping 2.4 wi-fi

My super hub 2 drops it’s 2.4 connection several times a day, this is easily cured by a reboot but it is getting very annoying. I have read that the hub 2 is now being replaced free of charge by a new hub 3. How would I apply for this, I have tried phoning but that is proving impossible to get the call answered, when I try online I get the Oops message every time.

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Re: Super hub 2 dropping 2.4 wi-fi

If your hub is faulty then VM will replace it. Trick is getting them to agree that it's faulty - you may struggle to convince them if it's "just" a wifi issue. 

Until relatively recently swapping out an older hub1/2/2ac for a 3 seemed to be relatively painless, either by clicking on the hubswap link, or just waiting around here for a few days for the forum staff to pick the request up and arrange for a new hub to be shipped out.. the last couple I've seen though, they seem to be reluctant to send them out "unless necessary".   I guess that they are having stock / supply chain issues and are trying to prioritise the delivery of hubs to people that have a real need for a new one (I'm not suggesting that your need isn't a real one..)

You have a couple of options - 1. call it in and tell them that it's faulty (switching it off before the call may help here...) and ask for them to replace it or 2. wait around here for a few days and hope that the forum staff agree that the symptoms you have justify a new one being shipped out.

The final option, would be to buy yourself a decent router/mesh system and put the hub you have into modem mode.. 

I still run a hub2ac and wouldn't give it up unless i absolutely had to - too many reports of issues with the hub3 that could impact what i use my connection for.. 

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