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Super Hub 3 and Wifi Issues

So i have been a virgin customer for a long time now and still it would seem that the team that look after us are not listening to those of us who have issues with hub 3.

I had a hub 2 which was great but when i got a speed upgrade to vivid 200 i was told i needed to have the hub 3. 

Now the hub 2 was brilliant. It let me set up my own ip range, never had issues with wifi and the speeds were always spot on. So along comes the hub 3. First think i notice is i cant change the ip range. Im stuck with the default setting. Ok i think not too bad..until you realise that your hub is just like everyone elses and you all have the same hub ip range.

Then there is the wifi. You set up all your devices and suddenly nothing on wifi works. The only fix, you bounce the hub and everything comes back online. After a few times of this happening you get sick of it and contact support who ask the usual stuff, and in the end you give up with them and restart the hub yet again.

Eventually you get so fed up of this that you buy a router and turn the hub in to modem mode so that you can use your own IP range set up additional security on it and never have a wifi drop out again.

More recently i have upgraded to vivid 350. Yes i though faster download and upload speeds, until i did a test. Upload was fine 20mb as expected, download however was hopeless, slower than the vivid 200 i had before. After some additional testing i found the issue to be the TP link. Because virgin had upgraded the speed on the hub 3 i had to remove and re add my tp link router to the hub for it to re sync. Now i get the speed. 

So whats the point of this message / Rant. Its simple. Virgin please for the sanity of most users who have this will you do something about the hub 3 firware. Fix the issues and give those of us who want more control of the hub the access. Id prefer to use one device not 2, but because you have crap firmware and settings on the hub 3 i can not configure it to my home use. 

People have been raising these issues for years now (having read back on some of them) yet nothing has been done or seems to be being done. Why give us these devices if we cant do anything with them.

So rant over. Required resolution....listen to the people who use your kit. You cant please everyone but if you fix the issues the most people are having then you will please most.

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Re: Super Hub 3 and Wifi Issues

Hi clubsceneuk2.


Thanks for getting in touch to feed back your experience with our Superhub 3.0 and your broadband speeds.


I'm sorry to hear you've encountered some issues with the IP ranges & TP link, but glad that you've been able to identify these problems & get them sorted out.


We are constantly updating our equipment & firmware to help improve compatibility, stability and performance for anybody who may be experiencing issues. We'll take your comments on board & feed them back to the relevant team to help us learn & improve the service going forwards.


If there's anything we can assist with in future please don't hesitate to let us know.



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