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Super Hub 2ac 2G - Couldn't Authenticate Connection

I have recently added some smart lights and my phone needed to be connected to 2.4GHz in order to do so through the smart lighting app.   My phone will connect to the 5GHz channel without a problem but the message for connection to the 2G is "Couldn't authenticate connection".  I have turned the router on and off again and also switched my phone on and off as well as turnining my wi-fi on and off on my phone.   I have had a look at my settings page for my hub.   Should I change channel?   If I do this do all my wi-fi devices need to be reset?   I would appreciate some advice. 

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Re: Super Hub 2ac 2G - Couldn't Authenticate Connection

Check the WPA2 passwords are correct ones being entered. other than this do a factory reset or you could ask for a new hub.

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