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Strange WIFI problem, makes no sense to me

Hi all, I have a Hub3 I believe, got about 2 fixed network devices and about 10 by WIFI. I am having a problem with a Windows 10 desktop device connected by WIFI. The OS shows the device is connected to the wifi network but has no internet. If I try to ping the default gateway I get Destination Host unreachable.

On other laptops connected to the same WIFI router I get the same DNS and DGateway addresses, but I am able to ping them just fine. If I tether the same Windows 10 machine to my mobile phone I am able to ping its Gateway just fine, the computer is able to browse the internet without issue. When I connect a cable to the Windows 10 machine it is able to browse the internet just fine.

If I run tracert to the DGateway address while the Win10 machine is connected to the VM WIFI, the first hop is to its own IP address and that reports Destination Host Unreachable. If I do the same while tethered to my phone the first and only hop is to the DGateway and that completes ok.

I guess the problem is either some config issue specific to the VM WIFI network on the Win10 machine, or a config issue specific to the VM WIFI network on the Hub3. I looked at the Win10 WIFI settings for the VM WIFI and there is nothing obvious that I can see. On the router the device shows up as an unknown device in Connected Devices (correct IP address, wrong MAC address), but inside the router DHCP settings the device does not show up.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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