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Splitter cable

Tuning in

Hi there, new to virgin I’ve got the hub 3 but I got the self install kit, I have a splitter or broadband cable? Is this essential? As I don’t have the tv package it’s only broadband I need? Can I set up just using the normal 3 prong plug and Ethernet cable?


Community elder

Post a picture of the cables you have.

You need the Coax cable to connect to the VM network, for both broadband and TV.


I’m only using broadband, I don’t have a tv package with virgin

You still require the same Coax cabling, though.

I cannot see you image as yet as it needs to be reviewed by the admin team.

I don’t have the connection for it to plug into the wall will I need to get an engineer out? 

I was hoping the broadband itself would just run with the Ethernet & the 3 prong plug into the wall. That’s the way my current sky hub is connected?


thank you for taking your time to help me

As mentioned VM broadband uses the same coax cable as TV.

The sky engineers may have cut/removed the VM cabling to re-use the hole in the wall. VM wouldn't know about this so assume the property is still compatible with 'self install'.

You'll need to check for a VM/Telewest wall box on the outside of your home, and see if there as any cabling remaining to the inside.

Something like:

Hi @Jordanthomson18 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us, and welcome. Apologies you are having issues with your Quick Start kit, are you still requiring assistance, or have you managed to resolve this?  

Please do let us know.