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Speaking to someone at virgin media!!!

My wife is working from home at the moment and is experiencing constant drop out  of the WiFi. Have tried everything suggested by the online help even tried phoning but all the automated voice tells me is try the online help and online they tell me to phone the help line, and round and round it goes.... I have tested my system using the app and it says I need a booster but to get a booster it will cost another £5 per month... HELP!!! 

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Re: Speaking to someone at virgin media!!!

Is that just over wifi or do you have the same problems on an ethernet cable connected device at the same time? And what do the various Hub lights show/do at these times?

Need to sort whether you just have a wifi issue or whether there may be a fault on the connection.

If it turns out to be just wifi - dont pay £5/month for boosters - put that money into sourcing your own "better" quality wireless equipment.

If you have a Hub3 then there are a couple of tweaks you can try first. You could try separating the SSID's of the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi bands and switching off "channel optimisation" - that often helps Hub3 users get better wifi performance - but its still no substitute for better kit.


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