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Some websites not working through Virgin

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I have issue with access to some websites through Virgin broadband.

E.g. From my O2 mobile phone these websites working good, but when I switch to Virgin WiFi then these websites can't load.

I've tried restart router, reinstall apps, clear cache etc.

Only working with non Virgin broadband or/and on VPN.



VM Child Safe me be enabled.

Login to the Virgin Media online account at :

Then visit : Account Settings >>> Online Security

Set Virus Safe to On 
Set Child Safe to Off ( this is the option that is blocking content )


Bypass Child Safe & Virus Safe

This is a workaround for when Child Safe & Virus does not or cannot be turned off

Changing the computer's network settings to use any Public DNS should re-gain full access.

Try with Cisco’s OpenDNS using and

OpenDNS provide instructions here :

For Google Public DNS it would be the same method using and

For an XBOX or Sony Playstation modify the network settings and specify the DNS manually as the OpenDNS or Google DNS numbers from above.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Are you able to post:

  • an example URL that does not work?
  • the message shown when the site fails to work?

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I turned off both (virus safe and child safe), working for now. Thx

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Thanks for all. Working now... virus safe and child safe off both.