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Solid red light superhub 3

Tuning in

Have seen many posts along the same theme as my own and hate reposting, tried calling virgin but was could not get through despite many repeated attempts, so here I am.. No loose cables, switched off countless times, reset via the reset on the rear of the router no effect, still red.. I have wireless and ethernet still, I have tried cooling it down with a fan, although this should not be an issue as it is in a well ventilated space and has been working fine for over 5 years. Like all things I guess, it has just reached its end of life.

It is being operatored in router mode, I have since gone into the settings to check if anything had changed ie:modem mode and no change.

It could just be a failed led, quite possibly this is the culprit, being that everything is working fine, however for the sake of it being a fire risk I would like to get it replaced, switched it off overnight as we always do and still the problem remains.



Tuning in

Update tp my prior well the router has been switched off all night so its definately cooled down if ever this was the issue, its not a cable connection issue as I have previously mentioned this has been checked thoughly, I did notice something however this morning which leads me to believe as I first suspected that it is the leds that are failing on the front panel. Through the space of 20mins they rotated through red|orange|white|red randomly if it was a psu issue then the router would more than likely be dropping out and it is operating fine. Both wireless and ethernet have no issues.

Ideally I would want to have it replaced, but not with the hub 4 as I have many friends and family that have experienced problems with this hub, althernatively i could just resolder a new led in place.

Hi @Speckett2 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

It more than likely from what you've said is a failing LED light (thanks for letting us know what you've done as well)

I'll send you a PM now to get a tech visit booked in.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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