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Solid red light Hub3

Joining in

Hi, my Hub3 has solid red light for over a month now. 

The hub gets quite warm, I chatted to customer service yesterday, (which was no use at all) they said hub was ok.

The signal is very weak around the house also.

I think I need a new Hub


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lovesabargain, 

Thanks for taking the time to pop a post in the Community

We're very sorry to hear you're having some issues with your Hub 3 displaying a red light. Just to double check, is the Hub currently in modem mode? If so then the light will be a magenta colour but can look quite red at times. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. 

If it's not then please follow the below steps: 

  • ➡ Turn the power switch off on the back of the Hub.
  • ➡ Ensure the Hub is upright, in a well-ventilated location, and, if at all possible, out of direct sunlight.
  • ➡ Then use the power switch to turn the unit back on. The Hub should now operate normally.

If the red light still shows after doing the above, pop back here and let us know. We can then arrange an engineer to visit to swap out the Hub for you.


Forum Team

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I have tried above many times and makes no difference at all.

My hub is in my front room and I struggle to get a signal in my kitchen, I have to turn wifi off my phone and use 5g from my network to use Internet. Not goog realy to say I'm supposed to have good Internet from virgin.

Maybe I do need an engineer to replace hub, hopefully my Internet will go back to normal.

Good Morning @Lovesabargain, thanks for coming back to us.

Thanks for giving the suggested diagnostics from my colleague a try, and I'm sorry to hear that these have not been effective.

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