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Solid green wifi light and bottom light, green flashing arrows

Okay so I have a problem since about 4pm on Monday my wifi has been down and just doing the same thing ever since, a technician is coming out on Tuesday but wondering if anyone here can help me fix the problem first or at least give me insight to what’s happening... I was messing about with sofas moving them around when I noticed my wifi had flicked off

so the top wifi light stays a solid green

the internet arrow light flashes green

and the light on the bottom is solid green 

when trying to connect on iPhone it’s saying I have weak security and when trying to manage any websafe settings (which are currently off) it just keeps throwing me back out.. will it be worth calling virgin back today and ask them to check my security settings will that make any difference? I’ve got a job interview by video call today and worried it wont be sorted until the tech comes out on 2nd November which is still 5 days away.


thanks in advance x

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Solid green wifi light and bottom light, green flashing arrows

You can check it yourself:

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