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SoCA 2.5

Joining in

My router is upstairs and my Tivo connection downstairs. Can I fit a SoCA 2.5 ethernet converter via a splitter to the coax socket on the wall downstairs to also provide wired ethernet to my TV?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

No, does not work like that. The best way is to run an Ethernet cable between the hub and ‘TiVo’, can be done externally. I have hidden some behind the down pipes.

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Hi Tudor, 

Funny because after waiting a long time on the line to Virgin Tech support I was finally assured that it would work if I was prepared to carry out the installation myself, although Virgin, unsurprisingly, would not support me with any problems I might encounter.

Alessandro Volta

You cannot make any alteration to the coax side of the Hub. 

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Hi Graze,

Thanks for your post. I'm afraid that we'd be unable to comment on DIY/third party equipment related questions, however if you do need any of your Virgin Media equipment relocating, this is something we can arrange - just let us know.