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So Sick of Chasing!

Is anyone having the same issue as me with Virgin customer care and WIFI issues!

I am so sick of Chasing Virgin!!!!!!!
My broadband/Wi-Fi is completely useless. I cant even have a zoom/teams call with work without it discounting every 5/6mins! My TVs (Netflix and etc) will buff every so often as the Wi-Fi is so lame!

Virgin said nothing is wrong on there end however I have been complaining about this past 3 months now. Something is wrong! I wouldn't keep complaining if I had good WIFI or broadband. They told me to install WIFI boosters or have another upgrade! Already installed 2 WIFI boosters but no luck still. Then spoken to them again and said a engineer will ring me and come out - still not heard nothing or had anyone check. This has been a month!

Another one is i was supposed to get a voucher from them for signing up with them however this seems to be lost too. Completely useless i wish i never changed over to them - happy to take money out of the accounts but wont even help after endless calls. Its ridiculous! I cant even have meeting for work over this internet connection and I'm in the same room as the router!!! its embarrassing and have to connect to my phone data instead!

False advertising, false promises, this company is becoming a joke and treating me like a clown!

I provided numerous checks - the signal results of 0.2 mbps download speed and 1.1mbps upload speed. It literally went up and down however i was supposed to be on a great package. This does not seem the case. Results were back when we first installed the Wi-Fi in the same month. the results were from their own virgin App aswell. i made penalty of screen shoots! I even took screen shoots of wifi coverage and optimise etc coming out poor. They just not listening and im FED up! 

Ive made numerous complaints online and via chat and rang them but not once bothered to ring me back or even pick up the complaints.

I just want my money back and i want to LEAVE. Find something better else where as they clearly don't look after you and its swings and roundabouts. Paying for something that doesn't even work! Can you tell I'm just done with Virgin!! resulting in coming on here to complain!

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Re: So Sick of Chasing!

Can you post your Hub status and logs?
Someone should be spot if there is a problem
Navigate to (or - if in modem mode)
Don't log in!
Click on 'router status'
Copy/paste the data from each of the tabs. The forum software will remove the MAC addresses for you (you may need to click the 'post' button again).

Also, set up a 'Broadband Quality Monitor'. This will monitor the state of your connection and record any network dropouts etc - You can do this at ThinkBroadband (

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: So Sick of Chasing!

Providers will never “guarantee” WiFi performance, as there are many local factors that are outside their control. The materials the building is made of, positioning of equipment, & especially congestion issues with neighbours hubs all affect the performance. Have you tested via a directly wired connection? If this gives poor results then Virgin is directly responsible & a complaint needs to be raised.

However, there are issues that have arisen with the number of people working from home causing utilisation issues. Unlike BT line provided services which use an individual line to each customer, DOCSIS cable Broadband is by design a shared resource (groups of customers sharing bandwidth between them). Fixing over utilisation issues takes months, as the affected network segment has to be physically rebuilt. Hence it is unlikely any short term issues caused by lockdowns will be dealt with.

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