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Slow Wifi + Green Flashing Light


Please can someone provide some advice and hopefully provide a solution to my queries. I've just wasted half an hour in an online chat with a virgin staff member who provided no assistance at all. Prior to that I tried ringing up to speak to an actual person but couldn't get past an automated robot who told me I had no issues with my broadband.

Firstly, my internet connection is working but I have had a green flashing light for two days which didn't used to flash?

Secondly, the speed never gets above 50 mbs wireless or 70 mbs wired, despite me paying for 200.

Anyone assistance greatly appreciated.

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Re: Slow Wifi + Green Flashing Light

Hello hixxyy,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to read you are having an issue with the broadband connection.


With regards to the speeds, this could be due to the compatibility of the device itself. If you have been testing on PC/laptop, does it have a gigabit LAN card and are you using a Cat 5e or above Ethernet cable?


In relation to the green light flashing can you take a look at this link please > What the lights on your Virgin Media Hub mean and let me know which light is flashing, to be able to help further.


Speak to you soon


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