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Slow Wi-fi and connection lost


I am a Virgin customer with a broadband connection of 100 Mb

I have 3 mobile phones and only one gets 100 Mb of speed while doing the WiFi speed test. The other 2 mobile phones can't get more than 3 Mb and loose connection 10000000 times / day!!!

About 1 month ago I called to virgin they did some tests and all was ok. The problem is about the phones.

But, before, when I had another provider that was giving the same problems of loosing connections all my phones when connected got me always speeds more than 40 Mb. So, how can be the phone if with one provider I got 40 or 50 Mb of speed and now with Virgin only between 0 to 3 Mb???? I have pictures from the tests that I did if it helps. Thank you

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Re: Slow Wi-fi and connection lost

Your WiFi may not be working as well as it could.

There is lots of advice in the help posts at the top of the page.

You might want to check whether the phones are connecting to the optimum bands - 2.4 or 5GHz  

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