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Slow Internet Speed Not As Advertised

HI everyone,

I have just got Virgin Fibre 100 and have had it for a week so far.

Before we were with Pulse8 on 36Mbps broadband but not contract. Saw the black Friday deal for 100Mpbs Fibre for £25 for a year and thought at that price Ill give it a go.

Now my biggest concern was getting the speed as advertised something I always got with Pulse8.

But with Virgin I have found after the first day I was get 100mbps on speeds tests from my phone and PC (both on wifi) but since then its all over the place most of the time our phones dont get past 40mbps, my PC with is in  the same room as the Hub 3 gets 80 at best but its not consistant.

Now so far with the Hub 3 I'm liking the range but the lack of actual 100mbps is bugging me.

I do have a Netgear Nighthawk D7000. Would it be best for me to run the Hub 3 in modem mode and use that or is there a way I can sort out the Hub 3 and actually get somewhere near the 100mbps I was advertised.

The guy installing it said because we have fibre right to our door (only installed 6 months ago) we shouldnt have any problems. So far all I'm learning is theres a reason why I stayed away from a big broadband provider for so long.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Re: Slow Internet Speed Not As Advertised

Firstly, no ISP will guarantee speed over WiFi, all figures are for directly connected Ethernet cabled devices. Secondly the Hub3 is a simple built down to the lowest price combined modem/network switch/Wireless Access Point. 

Yes, your best bet it’s to run in modem mode and use the router you already have, you should get a much better WiFi signal. 

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Re: Slow Internet Speed Not As Advertised

Hi there RichieCUK,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


My apologies you are experiencing an issue with the broadband speeds.


Checking your connection, everything has come back as fine with no errors.


If you can complete speed tests whilst the Hub is in modem mode (without the Nighthawk attached) that would be helpful.


Speak soon




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