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Skype Zoom Video conferencing issues drop outs and freezes part 3

Apologies mods, I've been brandished by another wannabe mod in another thread, so I apparently need to start a new thread, despite this being the same issue as 2 other threads. 

During Skype/Zoom calls with multiple participants, the internet connection intermittely drops out.


As per the other thread, for me, the root of the issue appears to be intermittent high packet loss to the upstream gateway when using any VOIP application with multiple participants - it's easily reproducible. When this happens, it doesn't just affect the Zoom/Skype call, but all internet connectivity.

Here's an example from my router logs this afternoon, whilst on a Zoom call with 10 participants:

Mar 16 13:15:17 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 38950us stddev 84800us loss 21%
Mar 16 13:16:28 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 136162us stddev 185503us loss 10%
Mar 16 13:23:45 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 71767us stddev 138229us loss 21%
Mar 16 13:24:54 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 58380us stddev 111333us loss 10%
Mar 16 13:31:20 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 38495us stddev 98512us loss 21%
Mar 16 13:32:20 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 15658us stddev 33100us loss 10%
Mar 16 13:57:17 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 30815us stddev 68079us loss 22%
Mar 16 13:58:55 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 37071us stddev 96287us loss 8%
Mar 16 14:03:54 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 38662us stddev 82056us loss 22%
Mar 16 14:05:28 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 11147us stddev 17463us loss 6%
Mar 16 14:17:01 dpinger WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 55191us stddev 93754us loss 22%
Mar 16 14:18:14 dpinger WAN_DHCP Clear latency 51586us stddev 123762us loss 7%

Note: "Alarm" is when the router detects an issue with the upstream gateway, "Clear" is when the issue has resolved itself. Internet connectivity in general corresponds with these times. is the Gateway that my SH, in modem mode, has given to my router.

During these outages, pinging the router works fine. Pinging another device on the network is fine. Pinging an external IP doesn't work.

When not using VOIP applications, internet connectivity is fine. It feels like there is some form of QoS in place for VOIP calls, at the network level, which is causing issues.

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Re: Skype Zoom Video conferencing issues drop outs and freezes part 3

Same when on a MS Teams call:

Apr 7 13:40:28 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 12208us stddev 5132us loss 5%
Apr 7 13:39:30 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11266us stddev 5185us loss 21%
Apr 7 13:35:26 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 11655us stddev 5395us loss 5%
Apr 7 13:34:00 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11440us stddev 5120us loss 22%
Apr 7 10:45:44 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 10466us stddev 4182us loss 5%
Apr 7 10:44:45 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 10085us stddev 3941us loss 22%
Apr 7 09:49:55 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 10500us stddev 5058us loss 5%
Apr 7 09:48:54 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11224us stddev 5617us loss 21%
Apr 6 18:15:10 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 10958us stddev 5612us loss 5%
Apr 6 18:14:09 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 10902us stddev 5365us loss 22%
Apr 6 14:59:43 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 15393us stddev 6780us loss 6%
Apr 6 14:58:44 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 15491us stddev 11803us loss 22%
Apr 6 11:41:33 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 13802us stddev 7768us loss 5%
Apr 6 11:40:33 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 12868us stddev 7304us loss 21%
Apr 6 11:38:36 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 13218us stddev 6329us loss 5%
Apr 6 11:37:38 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 13789us stddev 8291us loss 21%
Apr 6 01:38:12 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 8849us stddev 4131us loss 15%
Apr 6 01:38:01 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 8943us stddev 4396us loss 21%
Apr 6 01:37:42 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 9123us stddev 4619us loss 20%
Apr 6 01:37:32 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 8789us stddev 4251us loss 21%
Apr 5 21:57:27 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 10717us stddev 5027us loss 5%
Apr 5 21:56:28 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11969us stddev 6878us loss 21%
Apr 5 21:50:28 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 11431us stddev 5456us loss 5%
Apr 5 21:49:25 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11145us stddev 5223us loss 21%
Apr 5 21:48:16 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Clear latency 11159us stddev 4919us loss 5%
Apr 5 21:47:13 dpinger WAN_DHCP <redacted>: Alarm latency 11381us stddev 4827us loss 21%
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