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Simple device to extend wifi for non technical person


My daughter has got a Virgin Media Hub 3 and the wifi signal needs boosting/extending to her loft room.

There is a spare socket on a landing half way up - when I was there, Speedtest on my mobile showed signal was great at this point in the house so probably a good place for a booster.

Can anyone recommend a simple, single item device I can get sent to her (Amazon) that she can plug in and push the buttons on booster and button on front of VM hub and it all just works.  I see a good few TP link devices but some are 2g only and some dual band so im not sure which one I should buy and send.

I need to set this up/talk her and her housemates through on the phone.

PS - I know there is a VM device but this house is through a letting agent and it would get messy with the landlord if we had to add something to their account so ideally id like to buy one and send it.

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