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Shocking Broadband Speed

I have been having 'issues' with my Broadband speed (both Wired and Wireless) from June 2017.

Our package is for 200mb, which we were achieving consistently before, and we are now consistently achieving an average of 20mb Wireless and 60mb Wired.

Initially, I spoke to someone from the technical team regarding the matter over the phone and they checked the line and confirmed there was an issue, and that a field engineer would come out.

The field engineer said that he couldn't identify any issues, and informed me that Virgin were 'upgrading' in my area, and the work would be completed by the end of October 2017. He then switched our router (I still don't understand why, as it obviously wasn't going to help any).

I persevered until the end of October, but there was no improvement whatsoever going into November, so I contacted the technical team over the phone again and they informed me that there aren't any upgrades being carried out in my area and that they couldn't see any issues whatsoever!

Once again, a field engineer came out, inspected all the equipment etc and said he couldn't find any issues, but the speed is so low due to an upgrade that is being carried out, which should be completed by the end of January!!

I consider myself to be a very patient person, but my patience has long run out. I have been paying for 200mb Broadband for 7 months now, and have been obtaining speeds that I was getting with Sky 6 years ago!!!

Discussing the matter with Virgin has been a total waste of time, the impression I've got is that it's just 'one of those things' and to tough it out. In this day and age, it's absolutely astonishing.

I am hoping that someone can come back to me on this forum to finally clarify the matter and if that isn't possible, I will simply leave Virgin.
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Re: Shocking Broadband Speed

Hey Bushveld, 

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Forum Smiley Very Happy

Apologies for the connection problems you're experiencing. I've just tested your equipment and I can't find any errors with your power or SNR levels. Your area is also currently free of fault. Have you ever been given a fault reference with regards to issues in your area?

Hope to hear back from you soon so we can investigate further. 

Take care. 


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