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Sevice status says im online but service drops every evening

Tuning in

Had virgin fibre for around 3 years, actually been very good service until last week.

Getting complete service drop out from 22:00 - 07:45 every day since Thursday 26th October - today. Also outage Wednesday 25th 0800 - 1400.

Service comes back itself after the outage, so happy the hub is working as expected. 


My problem is I cannot register the outage online as it says there is no service outage in my postcode. Yet the whole area is out, Checked with friend and neighbours. Other local postcodes are showing as an outage, just not mine.

How can I register the outage with virgin? It's like clock work every night. 





Alessandro Volta

How are you checking?

Have you tried the automated service status number 0800 561 0061 to check for any faults in your area?

It is often suggested on here that might offer a more localised report of problems than the online checker.

Have you set up a BQM to track your connection and monitor the dropouts?

This will act as a base of evidence of a problem for VM to investigate if needed


A drop out from 22:00 - 07:45 every day.   The regular and precise timing must be a clue.

There is no mention of the Hub going off line or displaying a raft of fault lights.

Has this been configured (perhaps unintentionally) in VM Child Safe or via a similar access controller ?

Thanks will take a look at the link and check the status number

Thanks for the reply, good suggestion but nothing like that is configured and its the whole area that is out, my neighbours and friends in the area are having the same drop out at the same time

Tuning in

Same issue again this evening, albeit service dropped at 22:05 this evening, checked with friends local ans their service also dropped. Checked service status on the website and rang the phone number, both of which state no issue in my postcode.

For reference its a hub 3, green lights showing now constant on wifi symblol and power flashing.

It will miracously self resolve around 0745 - 0800 tomorrow morning as per usual. 5 days now



07:47 back online 

Found the Virgin media engineer who is parked on one of the nearby roads. He's bypassing an error on the network through his van waiting on the highways agency to dig up the road for a permanent fix. He arrives around 0745 in the morning and leaves around 2200. Small changeover in the day I expect as I get a 10/15 dropout around 1530 most days. When the engineer goes home at 2200  the local area Internet drops out.

Yet despite that service status for my post code says everything is OK, so not sure how to proceed from here. Completely useless trying to talk to someone on the phone.

Virgin media techs on the phone ended up just telling me it was a fault on my side when I spoke to them as they live and die by the service status that says my post code was not affectee and they insisted the only next step was to send an engineer out.

Engineer arrived this morning at 08:00, he immediately confirmed my post code was part of the known outage, hopefully he can set in motion an update to the network map that shows my property is part of the network node affected by the outage. Bit of a waste of time for the engineer to be fair but was seemingly the only way to move forward