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Setting up internet connection in garden building

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Hi all 

I have a garden building that I would like to setup for broadband access. I had a cat 6 Ethernet port put in during the build so can use that for an internet connection but would also like to be able to connect to WIFI. 

Is there a way to achieve this? I did order a WiFi pod from Virgin but even with this plugged in to the closest room in my house to the garden building, it doesn’t reach the garden building for a connection. 




Consider a WI-Fi Router for the garden building.  Configured in Access Point mode & you will have both Wi-Fi and network sockets available from the end of the network cable.

Thank you. Would this mean I’d have two different networks? Hoping to be able to have it all under Virgin.

Alessandro Volta

Run the cat 6 from the hub into the garden building and connect it to a WAP (wireless access point).

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

"Would this mean I’d have two different networks?" No, you just set the SSID of the Access Point to the same as the VM SSID.

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Not at all, the aim have one network.