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Set up my own router

Tuning in

I apologise as I realise this has been covered many times but

i want to put my hub 3 in modem mode and connect my own decent router just to supply a better/ further wifi for garage etc  

so I connect my Ethernet cable to the new router?I’ve read that putting hub3 in modem mode disconnects the Ethernet connection 

and what is a decent router to ext wifi distance etc 

many thanks for any help 


Hi thanks . In your opinion would a better router extend the wifi range to a garage. I’m only talking about a further 2 meters 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It might it might not - depends on many factors - is you garage a Faraday Cage for example ?  Buy one and see... it will certainly improve your routing and should  improve wifi stability...  but wifi range is so dependent on other factors.

However, an ethernet cabled WAP will give you the best wifi in there...  and as most routers (like the one above) have an "access mode" -  so you could then use it for that purpose - connected to the Hub - so its a "no lose" purchase really 😎


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