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Self install M500 plan but new property has Openreach phone socket?

Joining in

Hi all, I’m terrible with networking and never had to self install a fibre connection before. I chose the option as the property was eligible and I’d like our internet connection up and running as soon as possible.

However, checking the property’s inventory, I noticed that there is an Openreach phone socket installed and nowhere for a coax cable.

Does this mean we cannot install ourselves and need a technician to come round?



"checking the property’s inventory"  - this wording is a red flag.

If this is rental property the landlord / letting agent must approve in writing and in advance any VM installation work that may involve digging of drives / paths / gardens / installation of external connection boxes / drilling through walls etc.  If things go awry, the make good costs can be immense.

If that does not apply ...

New Install Assistance

Call the Pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734.

Explain what needs to be done and book and engineer visit.