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Re: Second Router in house that currently has BT Halo 1?

@OllyBramhill wrote:

 The issue is they are also on contract so they cannot swap the current BT connection for our virgin connection.


I have checked and the home is VM computable.  Meaning that their BT service is there, aswell as our VM service. 


from what I have seen online this will require us to rent another separate line from the one used by BT. And I’m sure their will be an installation of another plug in spot for our modem/hub.


how much will this cost and is it actually possible.



  • The Virgin connection will use different cables and hub to the BT one.  They can sit side by side.
  • The existing BT service will need to stay until the end of the contract (or they pay any early termination fees to BT)
  • Keep the same services from VM and ask VM to move your  broadband to the new property
  • For a period of time, until the end of the BT contract, you will have two broadband lines in the property - useful if there's a fault or whatever - one paid by you, the other paid by them
  • Once both contracts end you can choose whichever you want to stay with, or even a different provider.
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